What does Mother of the Groom wear?


Congratulations! Your son is getting married and you want to look your absolute best for his big day, but one of the biggest questions you may be asking yourself is what does the mother of the groom wear? It can be difficult finding the right outfit because you have the bride, the bride’s mother, the bridesmaids, the colour schemes and location to consider. Well, we have compiled a guide to help you make the right decision for the big day!


Is it acceptable to wear white?

While a completely white or ivory outfit is a no-no, you can wear an outfit which is broken up with colour. At Jourdan, we have had many customers who have chosen an outfit with a white/ivory dress and a colourful coat/jacket. Zeila is a great choice for these types of outfits, because there are so many fabulous prints and colours to choose from. And the best part is, you can wear the dress on its own after the big day!




Paired with a matching hat or a fascinator, these looks are perfect for Mother of the Groom. Another option would be monochrome. This choice is a bit alternative to the traditional Mother of the Bride/Groom, but we think it’s great because you can wear them again. These dresses from Carla Ruiz and Veromia are fabulous options.




Pretty in Pastels

A great choice for Mother of the Groom is pastels. Ideal for summer weddings, pastels are an easy way to dress for the wedding because they are sure to coordinate well with many colour schemes. With so many pastel colours available, you’re sure to find your match!





Whatever the weather, we have lots of different pastel coloured styles and accessories from many brands so you won’t have to worry about not being able to find your colour – or breaking the bank! Head to our website, where we have a dedicated page to all things pastel!

Chic Neutrals

Neutral colours are sure to coordinate well with colour schemes and whatever the Mother of the Bride is wearing, so if in doubt, go neutral. We have a range of brands, from Condici to Zeila to Veromia, which cater to neutral toned outfits.


We love this look from Zeila, because of its subtle details and because the jacket is not too heavy, so it’s perfect for summer AND winter weddings. Pair with some nude heels and accessories and you will be all set to go.


Not all heroes wear capes…

…but Mother of the Groom can! Capes are everywhere this season and definitely add a touch of glamour to what would be traditional Mother of the Groom outfits.



 All that Jazz

Great for themed weddings or indeed for those mothers who want to go down an alternative route to the traditional Mother of the Groom style; we have many ‘20s flapper style dresses, which are ideal for these kinds of weddings.


Of course, not necessarily for themed weddings, you can wear these dresses again for black-tie events, or costume parties.

Finish the Look

No Mother of the Groom look is complete with hats, shoes, bags and jewellery. Our shoes are specially made for us and come in many complimentary colours or if you prefer to add a pop of colour, you have that option as well.




With specially dyed hats to go with our garments, you will certainly be looking amazing in your outfit from Jourdan.

Whatever your style or vision for what you want to wear for the big day, Mother of the Groom outfit choosing is not as hard as it may seem.